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Fiestang Kuliat – From Then to NOW!

Celebrate A Month-Long Festivities with Fiestang Kuliat

Fiestang Kuliat LogoIf you are looking for a month-long party or festival, the best that you can find in the Philippines is perhaps the fiestang kuliat celebrated during the month of October. Not only does this festivity celebrate the strength of Angelenos, but also their unshakable spirit to overcome great tragedies. It encompasses two of the most celebrated festivals in the city, the La Naval festival (Blessed Virgin of the the Holy Rosary) and the fiesta nang apung mamacalulu (the Lord of the Holy Sepulcher) to honor the patron saints.

The month-long celebration also highlights the Tigtigan Terakan Queng Dalan (dancing and merrymaking in the streets) which allows people to sing and dance in the street of Balibago.

History of Fiestang Kuliat

Quick History: Most people don’t know that Angeles City went through a naming Kuliat (or "culiat") Vinetransition as it grew. Until 1829, it was “Barrio Kuliat” (hence the festival name), Pueblo de Los Angeles, then Angeles Town and finally Angeles City. Supposedly it was named “Kuliat” after the vines that thrived in the “Angeles City” region.

At the time, the vines were spelled with a “c” hence “Culiat” was the name of the vine.

On October 1992, Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan first established the month-long celebration of the fiestang kuliat through an executive order to not only honor the patron saints, but also to commemorate, preserve and promote traditions. After the tragedy of the eruption of Mount Pinatubo and the closing of the Clark Air Base that ruined the lives of many Angelenos. The event also brought grief to the people and a disastrous effect to the Philippines’ economy. Fortunately, through the resilience of Filipinos to never give up, Filipinos were able to fight the calamity and not just try to survive, but to triumph over the challenges.

Friends celebrating at Tigtigan Festival part of Fiestang KuliatSince the first celebration of the fiestang kuliat, Angeles city was able to maintain its steady rise to progress and encouraged the Angelenos to keep moving forward despite the tragedy Mount Pinatubo caused. And as year after year of celebration of the Angelenos, it started to attract many people both locally and internationally. Not only that, its staggering growth allowed almost seventy thousand people to commemorate the resilience of Filipinos to overcome any challenges.

This video is from 2012, but it is the perfect representation of the energy, excitement and support that Fiestang Kuliat receives from Angelenos!



While the fiestang kuliat usually features singing, dancing and various food stalls, it also Bagius Street Dance part of Fiestang Culiatincludes amateur boxing, beach volley (volleyball), Pista ng Pagkaing Kapampangan (Pamangan fiestang Kapampangan) and a lot more. But apart from the most famous Tigtigan Terakan Queng Dalan, the Mutya ning Angeles beauty pageant and Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels (pista ng mga anghel dela guardia) are also some of its highlights that made this celebration one of the most famous events in the Philippines.

Pageants and Events at Fiestang CuliatAnd even if this event shows enjoyment and merriment, it is not oblivious to the recent tragedy super storm Yolanda brought to the country. In fact, they are celebrating the 2013 festival to show the Visayans that despite of the calamity they experienced, life is still worth living and that like the Angelenos, they can turn this tragedy into triumph and share their faith in God and the capacity of people to continue living.

Until today, the fiestang kuliat remains as a very important part of the culture of Angeles City and it will probably continue to become a celebrated event especially now that many people consider it as the Filipino version of Mardi Gras. So you don’t have to look far to find a month-long celebration that is not only about fun and enjoyment, but also about religious affairs and the idea of living life to the fullest.

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Fiestang Kuliat 2014

Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan, together with the Angeles City Tourism Office (ACTO), recently launched the city’s celebration of Fiestang Kuliat 2014, with the the theme, “Abe-Abe King Pamananam, Saup Saup Keng Pamamupul!”.

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Angeles History and Fiestang Kuliat

The Role of Angeles in Philippine History

by Mrs. Josie D. Henson, B.F.A.*(extracted from the Souvenir Program, Fiestang Kuliat 1993) 



In 1796, Don Angel Pantaleon de Miranda together with his wife, Dona Rosalia de Jesus, started the first clearing of Culiat, then the remotest barrio of San Fernando, Pampanga.


In 1795 Don Angel […] Continue Reading…

Fiestang Kuliat 2013 Post

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